Our Story

We are number one and the Cobb500 is the world’s number one breed. After almost 100 years in business, we’re proud to be able to supply the best technical support for our customers from farm to fork. We do this by best serving our customers through the use of innovative research and technology that ensures the end products are healthy and reliable. As a business driven by innovation, we’ve always got one eye on the horizon and look forward to continuing to push our industry forward in years to come.

Established in 1916 in the US, Cobb experienced rapid growth from the outset. By 1935, one million breeders were produced and in 1947, Cobb began a breeding line of all white birds, called White Rocks.

We continued to operate as a family business until 1974 when Cobb was acquired by the Upjohn Company. During the next 10 years Cobb joined with Tyson Foods, becoming wholly owned by Tyson in 1994.

Between 2013 and 2015 we will invest 15 million Euros in Western Europe. This investment will span our supply chain, our pedigree facilities, PS and broiler trial farms in the Netherlands and our GGP and GP farming base in the United Kingdom. We will also continue to invest in changing our primary GP hatchery in the UK from multistage to single stage machines to keep our chick quality second to none – for now and for the future.