We are the leading international poultry research company, working on the development, production, and sale of broiler breeding stock. Established in 1916, we’re still as passionate about broiler production as ever, determined to serve our customers through quality innovative research and technology.

Being the Best

Becoming the number one producer of broiler breeding stock doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes expert people with endless enthusiasm for the work we do. Our tireless commitment to innovation drives continuous progress. Our values enable us to consistently produce the most efficient, healthy and quality stock. At Cobb, we’re about looking ahead and leading the way


From a small family run business in the US, Cobb has continued to grow, expanding internationally.

But our family values have remained the same. We’ve always believed in treating others, as we would like to be treated.


We build strong, trusted relationships with our customer networks.

It’s about working efficiently and transparently, adapting to their requirements to provide them with the right technical knowledge and expertise.


We embrace change and encourage our advanced research and technical teams to think freely and creatively.

It’s how we deliver continuous progress in genetics. Not just for the company, but the sustainability of the poultry industry.

Being the best.

No, not a marketing slogan or another corporate goal, it’s just the truth. We’ve always been committed to staying ahead and supporting our customers from farm to fork along the way.

Our expert people are driven by providing long-term research and development, seeking out the best ways to provide our customers consistently high-quality broiler breeding stock.